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The challenge that professionals, companies and public administrations of our country will have to face has few precedents: implementing the transport infrastructures already planned, those provided in the PNRR (National Resilience and Restart Plan) and the new EU 2021-2027 program. No less than 100 billion euros will be available for roads, railways, ports and airports.  How to make them? With what methods, what resources, what manufacturing technologies? And, above all, with what professionalism? How will transport infrastructure projects, mostly developed with traditional approaches, be able to adapt and include innovative green technologies and the circular economy? 
Scientific research in the “Roads, Railways and Airports“ sector has been focusing on these issues for decades and the conference, promoted by the University of Cagliari and ASIT (Italian Association Transport Infrastructures). The Conference addresses some international points of view on scientific research, on the best practices of analysis, design and construction. Sardinia is an ideal laboratory for experimenting, developing and promoting innovative green solutions for the infrastructures of the future.

Many transport infrastructures are being built on the island and due to its specificity and concentration of alternative materials it will become a place to experiment and disseminate good practices of circular economy and sustainability.
Tipo Convegno
Luogo Aula Magna Facoltà Ingegneri Cagliari
Regione Sardegna
Comune Cagliari
Provincia Cagliari
Indirizzo Via Marengo 2
Organizzatore Scuola di Formazione Ordine degli Ingegneri di Cagliari
Responsabile Scientifico Ing. Giuseppina Vacca
Durata 3 ore
Frequenza minima 3 ore
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Tipologia corso -
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lunedì, 13 dicembre 2021
16.30 - registrazione partecipanti
17.00 saluti e introduzione al convegno
19.00 Discussione e fine convegno

Apertura Iscrizioni07/12/2021 11:00
Termine Iscrizioni12/12/2021 18:00

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